Angyalosi Berni Kennel
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Megosztás és könyvjelző
Welcome to the website of the Angyalosi Berni kennel. My name is Ferencné Tuba. I live in Szamosangyalos with my family and our dogs. It’s a small village at the river Szamos. I’ve always had dogs, but I met this kind in 2001. I liked these dogs’ reputations, and stylishness at the firs sight. This kind of dogs insists on families and they are playful with children. I decided then, that I wanted this dog. After that I found my first dog. His name was Panyolaparti Alfonz. He was a beautiful puppy. He’s lived with us for 9 years. During this time I brought another dog from Mókusvolgyi kennel in 2007. her name was Mókusvölgyi Nessi. I started my Angyalosi Berni kennel in 2009. In 2010 I got Mókusvolgyi Rebeka and I started to raise this kind of dogs. I would like to render thanks for Tarcsainé Mészáros Alice and her husband for their whopping help which I got at the beginning of my raise, and which I’m getting at the moment too. Thanks for the friendship as well, which came of thanks to the bernies. Rebeka spawned her first 10 puppies in the summer of 2012. I hope that she will present us with a lot of beautifull puppies soon.
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